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Company Profile and Focus

Our key values drive our partnerships 

Grind Capital Group is an opportunistic real estate investment firm. We take an active and entrepreneurial role in the execution of our investments to generate outsized returns with an asymmetrical risk/reward strategy

We seek to unlock value through a combination of strategies:

  • Hustle. Simply put, but we're scrappy with exceptional problem solving capabilities

  • Leveraging technology and data analytics to understand trends and opportunities

  • Asymmetric information and research

  • Optimized capital structures

  • Public incentives (Grants, New Markets Tax Credits, Affordable Housing, Renewable Energy, Tax Increment Financing)

Grind Capital Group operates a limited number of investments to provide a high degree of focus in order to maximize returns. 

Our Values

We approach every partnership with our values in mind. It’s important that we’re aligned with our partners in order for us to achieve success.

  • Grit: We approach every deal with passion and strong determination to persevere. 

  • ResourcefulnessWe're scrappy and constantly focused on maximizing value with limited resources and innovative solutions.

  • Integrity: Reputation and relationships are core to both our and our partners success.

  • Number Focus: We take a disciplined and measured approach in everything that we do.

  • Discipline: We are patient and disciplined capital with a long-term investment horizon.

"I have worked with and known Justin for a number of years. I have been impressed not just by his strong intellect and ethics but by his true love of business and entrepreneurial zeal. Interested to see his new ventures grow"

Eric Kump, Former Managing Director and Investment Committee Member at The Carlyle Group 

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